This is really the best way to make money with Twitter

I´m not kidding when I say that Ad.ly is the best way to make money with Twitter, I have named a lot of sites that you can join and start making some bucks with your Twitter account, but really ad.ly is the best way to make Money, not beacuase I say it, it is beacause the people that are making lots of money in the internet, such as Jeremy Shoemaker or John Chow are using it and are making money with ad.ly.


Google and Facebook have a new url shortener

Google and Facebook now have a url shortener for your links. Google has announced recently its URL Shortener with the aim of responding to the growing number of users accessing microblogging services wich are limited to the number of characters.


Twitter advertising

Twitter is a great way to socialize, but also it is a great opportunity to let people know about what you do, and make money with it. That is why many advertising sites that use the Twitter platform appeared in the last year.


Affiliate Marketing Tips for Online Marketers

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Online Marketers

By Alan Smith
Posted: September 04, 2009

We can find many tools and techniques for making money through the internet. Affiliate marketing is one such kind of method for making good money but one should know proper techniques and tools of it. Many people have started learning it in depth and started earning profits even by sitting at home. There are many websites that gives insight about ways of becoming a successful affiliate.


3 Major Features of Professional Blogging

Author: Site Booster

Everyday tens of thousands of new blogs are born on the web. The absolute majority of them fade out easily after a few weeks or months. To survive and grow into a well-established blog, you have to learn the basics of professional blogging and continue such education until you are entrenched as an expert blogger. Among several features required to be such a specialist, I introduce the two pillars of professional blogging here:


Social Network for Inspiration

Author: Nathan Webster

To inspire is to produce or arouse a thought or a feeling. Most people are inspired by success. Success inspires because it's something that people would love to have. It activates something within the brain that causes thoughts and feelings to take over. There are several websites that I'm aware of that many internet surfers probably have saved in their web browser's favorite list. These websites reinforce the idea that we as people in this world are made for a purpose. A purpose that if correctly understood could make a significant change in the world. But can a website truly inspire people? That's a question that many skeptics quickly respond to with a chuckle and a definite "no." The reasons that these so-called skeptics exist is because they believe that only something physical can truly inspire. A website is simply coding language incorporated with a bunch of data, video and pictures. The skeptics may have a valid point; after all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I beg to differ, because the several websites that I eluded to in the first paragraph do inspire its visitors. Depression in a person is heart breaking and if a website is bringing joyful thoughts to hurting people, then that's a wonderful thing. The websites that I know that inspires people does just that. The websites cause people who are fed-up with life a reason to not throw in the towel. Visitors to these sites are able to drop by for how ever length of time they desire - to read uplifting articles, or to view the inspirational videos. In the real world (outside of the internet) it's normal to say that a movie inspired me. Or I was inspired by a book that I read. Now if it's okay to be inspired by a movie or a book, why not a website?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/self-improvement-articles/social-network-for-inspiration-1495086.html

About the Author:
Want to find out how a website can inspire me , then visit our site and join a growing community seeking and sharing inspiration.


New way to ReTweet in Twitter

This morning I received a message in my Twitter Account that said they are implementing a new way to retweet.

The message I received was this:

Hi there, you are part of a beta group receiving this feature, which means you may start seeing retweets in a new way. People who do not have this yet will see your retweets prefaced by "RT".

So from now on, I am going to use the retweet option in a different way. Here is the way I would see the retweets from now on.


The best time to Tweet

The time you Tweet is important if you are trying to get attention of the people that follow you in Twitter and to get more followers.
If you want to make money with your Twitter account, attracting people is important, and to Tweet when most of the people is connected and paying attention is a way to get followers with interesting Tweets.
The more followers you have the more chances to make more money you have, so this is why the time you Tweet is important.
According to several studies the time when the peak traffic occurs in Twitter is between 11 a.m. and 4p.m. (EST). So the best time to tweet is between those hours.
I was used to make my tweets between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and got followers, but when I tweet between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. is when I got more followers and more attention to my tweets. My average is from 1 to 3 new followers from every tweet I made in the morning, and passed to an average of 8 to 11 new followers in the 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. range, so the proof that this works is this. Just try it and see what result you have tweeting between those hours.


Improve your site popularity by posting articles

Improve your site popularity by posting articles

By Bam Bum
Posted: June 09, 2009

To improve your site popularity you need to obtain links which point to your web site. One of the best methods for getting quality links is to write quality articles and submit them to other web sites for publication. You should look for web sites which allow links embedded in the article bodyeach article should hold one two links back to your web site. Write a brief article on some topic related to your web site themebut writtin an article about your web site isn't very goodinstead write an article that would be interesting to people who would also be interested in your web site.

When you first start submitting articles (or any link building campaign for that matter)it will take a few months for Google or other search engines to register these new links. You should submit articles consistently each monthhowever the results of your efforts will not be immediately visible. Just think at the following scenario: when you first plant seedsyou won't be able to see any evidence of the seeds from looking at the top of the soil. You'll just be seeing dirt–the ground will look just the same as it did the day before you planted. If you lose patienceyou may just walk away thinking: “Those seeds must have been duds. Nothing is happening". But usually t if you had just waited a little while longerbeing faithful with your wateringthat you could have had a bumper crop a few months down the road.

Article publishing is a long term marketing strategy. It has been already proved that this strategy is extremely effectivethe results are reliableand the actual process of submitting articles is something that people of any skill level can do. You don't need to be a SEO mastermind or technical guru to get traffic to your web site. Publishing articles is not about submitting 12or 5 articles one month and then quitting to ‘see if it works’. If you submit couple articles for a month or two and then quityou will likely not see a very big change. People who are successful article marketers are able to look at the larger picture. No matter what your skill level or knowledge of the internetif you are not able to submit articles consistentlymonth in and month outyou will not achieve the drastic results you were looking for.

After you have the articles written and ready for publication you must be wise and publish your articles on sites which will bring you long term benefits not just couple visitors in the next few days after article publication and couple more visitors ocassionaly. Having links which are not marked as “no follow" posted in the article body will increase your web site page rank which usually will result in a better positioning within the search results of a search engine.

There are many web sites which specialize in distributing articles. You can search on the internet and you will find tons of lists with article directories. Chose couple web sites and publish your articles there. When chosing the websites make sure the article publishing procedure is easythe article are approved for publication in a resonable time and most important make sure you are allowed to post links which are not marked as “no follow" in the article body.

Personally i recommend www.s-article.com

Article Directory: ArticleSlash.net


Entrecard launches referral program

I use Entrecard as a way to grow my audience; I think it’s a very interesting tool to use if you are beginning in the blogging business. I made an article about how Entrecard works and the way it may help you bring visitors to your blog.
Now I have a great news for everybody that uses Entrecard, and it is that Entrecard is launching a new referral program.
With this program you can earn entrecard credits that you can use to publish in other Entrecard members blogs and bring some visitors to your blog.
The program works on the basis that Entrecard gives you 300 entrecard credits for every new user you refer that are active for 14 days. Entrecard provides banners like the one I use in this blog.
This is a great way to earn extra Entrecard credits!


Earn Money with Twitter

Nowadays that Twitter is one of the most used applications on the web, there are some ways to eran money with Twitter.
One of these ways is RevTwt, a simple way to earn money using your Twitter account.
The only thing you have to do is to post text ads and earn money every time someone clicks on the ad.
They pay you via Paypal every time you reach $20, and it is a really easy way to earn money in autopilot.


The ShoeMoney Story…

If you are new to blogging probably you have not heard of Jeremy Shoemaker, but if you have experience in writing in blogs or making your own blogs you sure have heard of him.
He is one of the most known bloggers in the internet, and he has made lots of money with his blogs, I think that it is important to know the story of these kind of people because they are the referrals in the blogging industry.

All of us are traying to get our blogs to the level Jeremy and other great bloggers have reached.

Heres a link to his story:

The ShoeMoney Story…

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Why Building a Website is Essential to a Passive Income Business

I think that the web is the perfect place to be cooperative and participative, thats why I like to share great content with other people so often. This time I foun this great article that talks about the importance of building a website to create passive income. I hope you enjoy it:

Why Building a Website is Essential to a Passive Income Business

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How to handle negative comments on your blog

The other day I received a negative comment in one of my other Blogs, my first reaction was to get upset, but then I thought about it I realized that the comment was not a bad thing to happen.

Getting negative comments on your blog means that what you are writting is being read by other people and that the blog is growing. Not everybody thinks like you do, so there will be people that will express themselves writing negative comments on what you wrote, also other people will tell you things that are wrong on your blog, you are human and you can make mistakes, so when some one tells you have made a mistake you should thank that person.

The best thing to do is to respond to that comment thanking people of participating in the blog and use negative comments to make better articles and a better blog.

Usually people that don´t think like you do will tell you what they think with respect, so try to respond the same way.

I have read some interesting articles about this matter that I think you should read:

Also every now and then someone will give you a negative comment about an article or about your blog in a bad manner, I think you should read these articles in how to handle this kind of negative comments:

Hope this information will help you to be a better blogger.


9 Cool Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates from Entrecard Traffic!

One of the things that Entrecard users can notice when they see statistics about their blogs , is that the bounce rate in their blogs coming from Entrecard traffic is high.
There are great ways to handle this item, I tried to lower this high bounce rate for quite some time and I found this great article with 9 cool ways to reduce bounce rates from Entrecard Traffic that I think has great ideas on how you can reduce the bounce rate.
If you are using Entrecard to bring traffic to your blog I think you should read this article and try to apply some of the ideas they give you.



I found this fascinating quote today:

Visualization is a very powerful tool for achieving amazing results in your life. Many successful people have claimed to use visualization to accomplish their goals, such as Jack Nicklaus, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carrey, and many others. Jim Carrey once told a story about how he wrote himself a cheque for $20 million dollars long before he made it big. He would imagine getting paid that amount for doing movies and he would regularly use affirmations telling himself how successful he was and how great he was. Eventually, everything he imagined and told himself came true. These successful people all started out small. You’re no different than anyone else: you can use this tool to your advantage as well.positive-attitude-tips, Positive Attitude Tips, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.


Creating traffic from Entrecard

I’ve been using Entrecard for one of my blogs and I can say it truly works. It is what I Call a medium promotion channel, but it is one of those promotion channels that can get you into a big channel quicker than other small channels.

In their front page Entrecard describes the site as this:
"Entrecard is a free blogging network that truly brings visitors to your blog. When you join Entrecard, you can earn credits which allow you to display an ad of your blog on other blog sites within our Network"

The way Entrecard works is simple, when you join Entrecard you have to put a widget in your blog that displays ads from other Bloggers that also are Entrecard members, to display an Ad of your blog in others widget you have to earn Entrecard Credits and use these credits to place an ad on other Entrecards members widget.

The more popular a blog is the more expensive it is. The ways you can earn Entrecard credits are: by visiting other blogs, every time you update your blog or when you display an Ad in your widget. Another way to get Entrecard Credits is buying them.

Once you have enough Entrecard Credits you can use them to advertise in other blogger´s Entrecard Widget and get traffic from these Blogs. Its as simple as that.


Affirmation Techniques That Are Helping People Like You

While this blog seeks to provide information on how to create a blog, attract traffic and make money with your blog, I also like to write on how to live positively, which I am convinced that it is an essential point to be successful not only in work but also in life.

One of the hardest things is to train your mind to think positive and don´t letting negative feelings invade you, to prevent this from happening there are many techniques, the affirmation techniques are one of them, and can help you a lot.

So I wanted to leave this link on affirmation techniques that I found very interesting and very useful. I hope you enjoy it.

Affirmation Techniques That Are Helping People Like You

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What does Bounce Rate mean in Google Analitycs?

If you use Google Analytics it is for sure that a percentage of the Bounces your site has are shown on the Panel page. That percentage is the Bounce Rate.

I always wondered what was the meaning of the Bounce Rate and what was the utility of that rate, so I started searching in the web to see what the meaning of Bounce Rate was and I found this definition:
"Bounce rate is a term used in web site traffic analysis. It essentially represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who "bounce" away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site."

But what is it for? The Bounce Rate for a web site is the number of web site visitors who visit only a single page of a web site per session divided by the total number of web site visits. So it is useful to see if your visitors find your site interesting. Also Bounce rates can be used to help determine the effectiveness or performance of an entry page.
An entry page with a low bounce rate means that the page effectively causes visitors to view more pages and continue on deeper into the web site.

I also found this video of Google.com analytics specialist Avinash Kaushik that explains the Bounce Rate:


How I Added 5,000+ Targeted Twitter Followers In 6 days

I found this fascinating quote today:

six days ago, on April 10, my twitter follow count was at 15,633. At the time of this post going live, my follow count stood at 21,234. You can see what my current count is at my Twitter home page. All these new followers are targeted and interested in blogging and making money online. How did I add over 5K new targeted followers in less than a week? I’m going to show you two methods to add a ton of targeted followers to your Twitter account. The first method is slow and painful but completely free. The second method cost money but is fully automated. Which one you use is entirely up to you.JohnChow, How I Added 5,000+ Targeted Twitter Followers In 6 days, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.

Eight Most Useful And Robust Twitter Tools

Some of us use Twitter and we usually "Tweet" about everything. The other day I was reading some blogs and I found this article about the 8 most Useful and Robust tools in Twitter.This article was published in SamshingApps and it’s very interesting, there are many Twitter applications and having an article that gives you a list of the best applications to use in Twitter is great.

Here’s the link to the article: SmashingApps: Eight Most Useful and Robust Twitter Tools

What kind of Twitter tools do you use?


A great post about Twitter, the 14 Types of Twitter Personalities

I love to search and read other blogs and occasionally I find some posts that I think are worth of commenting on. This time I found this article about the 14 personality types in Twitter, the article is written in the blog Mediacaffeine and the truth is that it´s worth reading. I leave you the link so you can see the full content of the article and understand a little more about Twitter.

The link to the full article here: The 14 Types of Twitter Personalities.


YouTube Adds A Twitter Button

I found this interesting post about Youtube adding a Twitter button, it seems that the Twittermania is everywhere. I think that Twitter is a great way to share things and thoughts, and its a great way to promote your blog too.

Here´s the full article about the Twitter button:

YouTube Adds A Twitter Button

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for www.possitiveblogger.com

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at lif1972@gmail.com.

At www.possitiveblogger.com, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by www.possitiveblogger.com and how it is used.

Log Files
Like many other Web sites, www.possitiveblogger.com makes use of log files. The information inside the log files includes internet protocol ( IP ) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement around the site, and gather demographic information. IP addresses, and other such information are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable.

Cookies and Web Beacons
www.possitiveblogger.com does use cookies to store information about visitors preferences, record user-specific information on which pages the user access or visit, customize Web page content based on visitors browser type or other information that the visitor sends via their browser.

Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include Google Adsense, .

These third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology to the advertisements and links that appear on www.possitiveblogger.com send directly to your browsers. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. Other technologies ( such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons ) may also be used by the third-party ad networks to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and / or to personalize the advertising content that you see.

www.possitiveblogger.com has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers.

You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information on their practices as well as for instructions about how to opt-out of certain practices. www.possitiveblogger.com's privacy policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, such other advertisers or web sites.

If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options. More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers' respective websites.


How a 13 year old boy succeded in the web

When I began with my blogs the truth is that I didn't have much an idea of who the most known bloggers in the world were, or who were those who earned huge amounts of money with their blogs. So began to investigate different blogs and read the comments. One day I found a comment on a 13 year old boy that earned huge money online, so that I decided to take a look at his blog and the truth is that I found a surprising blog.

The name of this boy is Carl Ocab, he is a teenager from the Philippines and has a blog dedicated to earn money online. If one searches at Google the term "make money online", surely Carl´s blog ( http://www.carlocab.com/) will appear first or second on the results list. Something really incredible for a niche as competitive as it is that segment.

To achieve this one of the things that Carl knows is what readers are looking for in his blog, he knows that people prefer not to do a huge effort to get information in the web and therefore people want things to be explained step by step and in an easy way. This is one of the keys to his success, explain things as simple as possible for anyone, most of people ar not willing to investigate and work to reach this information and prefer that all is explained to them step by step.

This is very interesting because I believe that most of the people that begin with a blog don´t have a clear idea of what they want to transmit whit their blogs and therefore don´t reach the expectations of their blog readers that are looking for a certain information.

I recommend you to visit Carl´s blog because it has many interesting things that you can use if you are determined to be a professional blogger.


15 Common Mistakes that Violate Google Adsense TOS

The other day I was looking for an adsense information and I found this fascinating article from Quick Online Tips on mistakes to avoid when using Adsense to monetize your blog.

It is a very interesting note leenla on the following link:

15 Common Mistakes that Violate Google Adsense TOS

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What is the Pagerank and what is it for

Pagerank is another web terminology that you sure have heard about.

If you look in the web for the description of Pagerank you will find the description that Google gives to Pagerank:

"PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important".
To understand it better, Google assigns a numeric consideration from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet, the highest the number the more important that page is in the internet and the better position that page will have in Google.
The PageRank technology that Google uses performs an objective measurement of the importance of web pages. To do this, solves an equation that contains more than 500 million variables and 2,000 million terms. Instead of counting direct links, PageRank interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote received by the Page B by Page A. PageRank evaluates, thus the importance of a page to count the number of votes it receives.
Hope this information is usefull for all of you and can work better to have a good position in Google.


What are Backlinks and Trackbacks

I´m sure you have heard about backlinks and trackbacks a lot while looking for information about how to get more traffic to your site, but not everyone knows the exact meaning of this terms that are very important for your blog. I´ll try to explain what Backlinks and trackbacks are and what are they for.

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or blog. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or blog . In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

Trackbacks are methods for Web or blog authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking, and so referring, to their articles. Trackbacks are used primarily to facilitate communication between blogs; if a blogger writes a new entry commenting on, or referring to, an entry found at another blog, and both blogging tools support the TrackBack protocol, then the commenting blogger can notify the other blog with a "TrackBack ping"; the receiving blog will typically display summaries of, and links to, all the commenting entries below the original entry. This allows for conversations spanning several blogs that readers can easily follow.

Knowing this may help you to understand how the internet works and how make more accurate strategies for attracting traffic.


Love to Blog

It’s quite a short time that I began blogging, I started about a year ago just out of curiosity, and the truth is that it is something that caught me immediately.

I have several blogs to which I dedicate some time every day, I blog especially on topics which I’m passionate about, I'm a fan of cars, trips, I love everything related to technology and I like the movies.

So when I went deeper into a fantastic world that allows me to develop my creativity in the things I like, I look for information about places I would love to visit, I look for the cars I like, the premieres of films, and everything I like and I comment them on my blogs.

I tell you this because it is really important that the topic for which you decide to blog about is something that you are passionate. Some experts believe that bloggers got to find a niche for them to develop and generate large revenues, I believe that while this is true, is not for everyone, I think the important thing is that you can connect with your readers and your relationships on topics you love or topics in which you are an expert so your blog will generate the necessary interest to the readers re-read every post placed.

So remember that the most important thing for being a good blogger is to love what you’re doing and be passionate about your topics.


The three things that you have to take care about

There are 3 things that must take care to make your blog a success. These three things are what I will list now:

- Quality Posts

- Attract Traffic

- Monetize your blog

I think the ideal is in that order, first of all decide on what topic you will write on the blog. It can be anything, although the ideal would be to seek a niche, but if you're a fan of something or write something you are passionate about it or you are an expertise, what matters is the quality of post and desire and passion that you put in each post.
Second, attract traffic to your blog, this is more difficult, there are many strategies to generate traffic that I will be describing in future posts, but still attracting traffic is one of the most difficult tasks for a blogger, takes time, work and effort, but it is not an impossible task.
Last but not least you need to monetize your blog, this means, choose carefully which are the systems to make money you're going to use, it can be AdSense ads, affiliate programs or can also be sell e-books for example, the issue is to analyze carefully which will be one or more methods that best suit your blog and allow you to maximize revenue.


Have a plan

In my last post I told you that you have to consider what the topic of your blog will be about. Well this can be defined in a Plan; I think one of the most important things you must have to succeed with a blog is to make a plan.

In this plan you'll choose the strategy with which you will handle your blog to make money. As I said choose the topic your blog will be about, choose the platform that you will use, Blogger or Wordpress, inform you with the different monetization system that are available, handle the template you will use, the style that you want to give your blog , etc ...

I think this important because it is always best to be clear what you want to do from the very beginning, a plan allows you to see things more clearly.

To give you an example, I made mistakes when I started with my blogs that made me lose many followers, I started with an issue that I passionate, like cars, but I had no plan nor the name of the blog, not the template to use, or the domain or anything and I was already working with it for a few months and had an interesting traffic that I decided to make changes that made me give several steps back
, I bought a domain (which should have done from the beginning), change design without advice; I lost position in search engines because that data was lost in the other template and wasted time. But not everything was bad, because it allowed me to learn that we must first develop a plan to avoid committing the same errors and also to take things more clear.

So you know first of all make a plan of what you want to do with your blog and then start giving it content.


Start blogging

Hello, this is my first post in Possitive Blogger, first of all I would like to tell you that here you would find information about blogging and making money in the internet. But you have to know that to make money online requires time and strategy and most of all requires you to give important information to others so they would visit your blog more often.
I started blogging by fun and realized that I could make money when I started to use some money making method to support my blogs. I’m going to give you information little by little so you can realize how to make money online your own way. In the internet there are a lot of sites that give you information about making money online, and it is important for you to have different opinions or ways to make money online, I’m going to give you the information that was useful for me and how I started making money online.
First of all I would like to talk about the content of what you’re blogging about. Blogging is about telling experiences, giving information and interacting with your readers.To have a good blog you have to give quality content, you can make money with a lot of blogs with little content, but the best way to make real money in the internet is writing your own quality content.
So the first thing you need to know to start blogging is on what topic will be your blog.
This is important because you can’t have quality content if you don’t have an idea of what you’re talking about. Try to choose a topic that you are an expertise or that you know very well. Why I tell you this? because in the Internet there are lots of blogs and sites that are similar and you must be different to attract traffic to your blog.

Hope you start in this fascinating world of blogging.


Welcome to Possitive Blogger

This is the first post of my new Blog "Possitive Blogger".
In it I will show you how to make money in the internet, how to attract traffic, how to develope your blog so it will be read by others.
Hope you enjoy my blog and take good ideas for your benefit.