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Improve your site popularity by posting articles

Improve your site popularity by posting articles

By Bam Bum
Posted: June 09, 2009

To improve your site popularity you need to obtain links which point to your web site. One of the best methods for getting quality links is to write quality articles and submit them to other web sites for publication. You should look for web sites which allow links embedded in the article bodyeach article should hold one two links back to your web site. Write a brief article on some topic related to your web site themebut writtin an article about your web site isn't very goodinstead write an article that would be interesting to people who would also be interested in your web site.

When you first start submitting articles (or any link building campaign for that matter)it will take a few months for Google or other search engines to register these new links. You should submit articles consistently each monthhowever the results of your efforts will not be immediately visible. Just think at the following scenario: when you first plant seedsyou won't be able to see any evidence of the seeds from looking at the top of the soil. You'll just be seeing dirt–the ground will look just the same as it did the day before you planted. If you lose patienceyou may just walk away thinking: “Those seeds must have been duds. Nothing is happening". But usually t if you had just waited a little while longerbeing faithful with your wateringthat you could have had a bumper crop a few months down the road.

Article publishing is a long term marketing strategy. It has been already proved that this strategy is extremely effectivethe results are reliableand the actual process of submitting articles is something that people of any skill level can do. You don't need to be a SEO mastermind or technical guru to get traffic to your web site. Publishing articles is not about submitting 12or 5 articles one month and then quitting to ‘see if it works’. If you submit couple articles for a month or two and then quityou will likely not see a very big change. People who are successful article marketers are able to look at the larger picture. No matter what your skill level or knowledge of the internetif you are not able to submit articles consistentlymonth in and month outyou will not achieve the drastic results you were looking for.

After you have the articles written and ready for publication you must be wise and publish your articles on sites which will bring you long term benefits not just couple visitors in the next few days after article publication and couple more visitors ocassionaly. Having links which are not marked as “no follow" posted in the article body will increase your web site page rank which usually will result in a better positioning within the search results of a search engine.

There are many web sites which specialize in distributing articles. You can search on the internet and you will find tons of lists with article directories. Chose couple web sites and publish your articles there. When chosing the websites make sure the article publishing procedure is easythe article are approved for publication in a resonable time and most important make sure you are allowed to post links which are not marked as “no follow" in the article body.

Personally i recommend www.s-article.com

Article Directory: ArticleSlash.net

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