The power of Laugh

When I was a boy I read that a good laugh sound that comes from the soul, mobilizes more body energy than a series of intense sports or aerobic activities, I was struck by the healing power of laugh. Eventually I accessed  to scientific explanations about how the body mobilizes its infinite resources of recovery, when the mood is installed and provocative emotions are stretched to the charity laughter.


How to create a favicon for your blog

For those who do not know what the favicon is, I start telling you that the favicon is that little image that appears in browsers next to the address bar.


How To Find Your Affiliate Niche Market

Guest Post by: Avnery

Profiting from your affiliate niches is very possible if you truly understand the enormous potential that exists with knowing the correct niches to get into. Finding your own profitable niche online is where most aspiring affiliates get stuck it can often take months on end to find a niche that will give you a favorable return on investment. Finding your own niche though is not entirely impossible there are guidelines for finding niches and if followed correctly will get you results.


Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule

When you start new projects, or when you are heavily involved in any project, whether personal or professional, there are always things that are priorities or more important than others. The other day reading an article, I bumped into the Pareto principle also known as the 80/20 rule, and as usually happens to me when I'm very focused on many things at once, I realized how important this principle is and that had to implement it.


Finding the best Keywords using Google Analytics

Among the different things you have to do to position your blog among the best in Google, finding the best Keyword is one of the most important. Learning how to find your best performing keywords will help you to adjust your blog to increase your position in Google.


Using polls to make your blog more interesting

Why should you have polls in your blog? there are several reasons why you should have polls in your blog.
First of all the main reason you have to have polls in your blog is just esthetic, polls give blogs a professional look, and people love to fill polls when they visit a site.


Follow your passions

How important is the passion for all the projects you start. In the case of blogs it is the same, I think that a blog to be interesting, putting passion to what you write is important, but not only this, if you got a subject that you love that is the ideal kick to start a blog.


A positive way of living life

I once read a phrase that changed my life, in that phrase it was reduced the way I think life should be lived.
The phrase was the following:


Blogger in Draft: The Blogger Template Designer

The link I post in this article is about the new template designer of the official Blog for Blogger in Draft.


How do you make money in the web

Surely if you just get started with blogs and how to win money online you have wondered what are the methods available to generate income.


Magpie, the best way to advertise your products in Twitter

Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!If you have a product that you want to promote, Twitter is a great way to do it. What makes Twitter a great way to advertise your products is that advertising on Twitter is like a word of mouth publicity.

Great sites for your Blogger Templates

If you have a Blogger blog and want to give your blog a professional and exclusive look; what you have to do is to look for free blogger templates and install the one you like most, this if you don´t know any HTML or how to make a template from scratch.


Easily shorten all of your long URLs with adf.ly

This is an easy way to eran some money, just register in adf.ly and start making money shortening Urls. The best way to do it is to paste the links in your blog or in forums that allow you to do it, not all the forums allow to use this kind of adverticement, you also can not use it in Twitter, they will ban your account if you do it.


Oscars Ceremony and the love for movies

I love movies, and every year when the Oscars ceremony begins I love to see if the movie I like most wins. This year, three films I liked, were nominated to win the best film in the Oscars. Finally one of the three won, The Hurt Locker, but I also liked Avatar and Inglorius Bastards, two great movies.


Why is it important to get backlinks

I am not an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but one thing I know is that if you want to get more and more visits to your blog, you have to get backlinks.
Backlinks are not only important to get a higher position in Google, they are important because every backlink you get is a door to your blog.


The power of doing sports

I want to start telling you that today I had a beautiful day of golf; it passed some time since I did not practice golf and decided to go with my father to play the club where we always do.


Why I started blogging and why you should

I started blogging last year, although it was something I always interested me, I never find the time to do so until one day I decided to start, I entered the page of blogger.com completed the data to open an account and started my first blog.


Report on How to get ReTweeted

I love Twitter, I use it every day as a way to share links about things I found in the web, for promoting my blog´s new articles and also to make some money. But it is not simple to get followers that pay attention to what you Tweet, so I started looking in the web what people that are expertise in Twitter are saying about the ways to get followers and to get more attention from your followers.


The hard work to get traffic to your blog

One thing that is not difficult but demands lots of time and effort is to get traffic to your blog.
I´ve been writing in my blogs for at least one year now and I have learned that you have to take your time to start building traffic to succeed in the web.
To start earning money in the web you need traffic, and to get traffic to your site you need time to build links, the way to do this is by having a strategy on how you would get those links to your blog.
Google gives a considerable importance to the incoming links to your blog, so the more incoming links you have the better position in google you´ll get.
My strategy to getting links to my blog statrted by adding my blog to directories. There are thouthands of directories in the web, many are free, some of them require a backlink and in others you have to pay. The important thing is to add your blog to the most directories you can.
Other important way to get backlinks is to leave comments in Forums related to your blog´s theme.
You can also get backlinks by asking other bloggers with the same theme that yours to put a backlink to your blog.
But the most valuable links your blog can get are the ones that came from the articles you write and other blogs talk about, to get this you have to write some good quality articles, so other people would be interested to comment about it.
So remmember that to get visitors to your site first make a plan and a startegy about how you can get those visitors.