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Author: Nathan Webster

To inspire is to produce or arouse a thought or a feeling. Most people are inspired by success. Success inspires because it's something that people would love to have. It activates something within the brain that causes thoughts and feelings to take over. There are several websites that I'm aware of that many internet surfers probably have saved in their web browser's favorite list. These websites reinforce the idea that we as people in this world are made for a purpose. A purpose that if correctly understood could make a significant change in the world. But can a website truly inspire people? That's a question that many skeptics quickly respond to with a chuckle and a definite "no." The reasons that these so-called skeptics exist is because they believe that only something physical can truly inspire. A website is simply coding language incorporated with a bunch of data, video and pictures. The skeptics may have a valid point; after all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I beg to differ, because the several websites that I eluded to in the first paragraph do inspire its visitors. Depression in a person is heart breaking and if a website is bringing joyful thoughts to hurting people, then that's a wonderful thing. The websites that I know that inspires people does just that. The websites cause people who are fed-up with life a reason to not throw in the towel. Visitors to these sites are able to drop by for how ever length of time they desire - to read uplifting articles, or to view the inspirational videos. In the real world (outside of the internet) it's normal to say that a movie inspired me. Or I was inspired by a book that I read. Now if it's okay to be inspired by a movie or a book, why not a website?

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New way to ReTweet in Twitter

This morning I received a message in my Twitter Account that said they are implementing a new way to retweet.

The message I received was this:

Hi there, you are part of a beta group receiving this feature, which means you may start seeing retweets in a new way. People who do not have this yet will see your retweets prefaced by "RT".

So from now on, I am going to use the retweet option in a different way. Here is the way I would see the retweets from now on.