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How to handle negative comments on your blog

The other day I received a negative comment in one of my other Blogs, my first reaction was to get upset, but then I thought about it I realized that the comment was not a bad thing to happen.

Getting negative comments on your blog means that what you are writting is being read by other people and that the blog is growing. Not everybody thinks like you do, so there will be people that will express themselves writing negative comments on what you wrote, also other people will tell you things that are wrong on your blog, you are human and you can make mistakes, so when some one tells you have made a mistake you should thank that person.

The best thing to do is to respond to that comment thanking people of participating in the blog and use negative comments to make better articles and a better blog.

Usually people that don´t think like you do will tell you what they think with respect, so try to respond the same way.

I have read some interesting articles about this matter that I think you should read:

Also every now and then someone will give you a negative comment about an article or about your blog in a bad manner, I think you should read these articles in how to handle this kind of negative comments:

Hope this information will help you to be a better blogger.

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