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This is really the best way to make money with Twitter

I´m not kidding when I say that Ad.ly is the best way to make money with Twitter, I have named a lot of sites that you can join and start making some bucks with your Twitter account, but really ad.ly is the best way to make Money, not beacuase I say it, it is beacause the people that are making lots of money in the internet, such as Jeremy Shoemaker or John Chow are using it and are making money with ad.ly.

It´s really simple the way you can start making money with ad.ly, you just have to registar with your email and fill in your Twitter account, automatically ad.ly will put a cost on how much your tweets will cost if a company would like you to tweet something for them, you just have to sit and wait for that opportunity and then you can start making some really good money.

Join ad.ly from here and start making money.

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