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Hello, this is my first post in Possitive Blogger, first of all I would like to tell you that here you would find information about blogging and making money in the internet. But you have to know that to make money online requires time and strategy and most of all requires you to give important information to others so they would visit your blog more often.
I started blogging by fun and realized that I could make money when I started to use some money making method to support my blogs. I’m going to give you information little by little so you can realize how to make money online your own way. In the internet there are a lot of sites that give you information about making money online, and it is important for you to have different opinions or ways to make money online, I’m going to give you the information that was useful for me and how I started making money online.
First of all I would like to talk about the content of what you’re blogging about. Blogging is about telling experiences, giving information and interacting with your readers.To have a good blog you have to give quality content, you can make money with a lot of blogs with little content, but the best way to make real money in the internet is writing your own quality content.
So the first thing you need to know to start blogging is on what topic will be your blog.
This is important because you can’t have quality content if you don’t have an idea of what you’re talking about. Try to choose a topic that you are an expertise or that you know very well. Why I tell you this? because in the Internet there are lots of blogs and sites that are similar and you must be different to attract traffic to your blog.

Hope you start in this fascinating world of blogging.

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