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How a 13 year old boy succeded in the web

When I began with my blogs the truth is that I didn't have much an idea of who the most known bloggers in the world were, or who were those who earned huge amounts of money with their blogs. So began to investigate different blogs and read the comments. One day I found a comment on a 13 year old boy that earned huge money online, so that I decided to take a look at his blog and the truth is that I found a surprising blog.

The name of this boy is Carl Ocab, he is a teenager from the Philippines and has a blog dedicated to earn money online. If one searches at Google the term "make money online", surely Carl´s blog ( http://www.carlocab.com/) will appear first or second on the results list. Something really incredible for a niche as competitive as it is that segment.

To achieve this one of the things that Carl knows is what readers are looking for in his blog, he knows that people prefer not to do a huge effort to get information in the web and therefore people want things to be explained step by step and in an easy way. This is one of the keys to his success, explain things as simple as possible for anyone, most of people ar not willing to investigate and work to reach this information and prefer that all is explained to them step by step.

This is very interesting because I believe that most of the people that begin with a blog don´t have a clear idea of what they want to transmit whit their blogs and therefore don´t reach the expectations of their blog readers that are looking for a certain information.

I recommend you to visit Carl´s blog because it has many interesting things that you can use if you are determined to be a professional blogger.

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