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Google and Facebook have a new url shortener

Google and Facebook now have a url shortener for your links. Google has announced recently its URL Shortener with the aim of responding to the growing number of users accessing microblogging services wich are limited to the number of characters.

The service is not available to shorten URL directly yet, but for now it is only accesible from the Google Toolbar or from Feedburner. However, it is expected to soon be available to other services.

URL Shortener is a service that follows the footsteps of others like TinyURL, but that Google claim to provide greater stability, security, and speed.

The url´s shortened by Google´s Url shortener would be goo.gl.

Meanwhile Facebook introduced fb.me a system that is already included in the cell phone versions. The service will be automated in the users profiles. In fact, if you write fb.me in the address bar of your browser goes directly to your profile or to the Facebook´s homepage.

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