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Twitter advertising

Twitter is a great way to socialize, but also it is a great opportunity to let people know about what you do, and make money with it. That is why many advertising sites that use the Twitter platform appeared in the last year.

Among the most known sites you have:


Be a Magpie is an excellent opportunity to make money with Twitter. Be a Magpie is a site where Advertisers create campaigns providing the ad message and some keywords, Magpie identifies key influencers for a brand based on the content of their message streams and the ad message is blended into the message streams of the best matching Twitterers.

To make money with Magpie you have to Sign up with your Twitter account details, It's super-easy and for free. Magpie will identify campaigns, which match your account and occasionally twitter them; every time a campaign is aired on your account, Magpie will reward you with cash! Its that simple.

However, as Be a Magpie is a good opportunity to make money for Twitters, it is also a great opportunity for Advertisers to reach an enormous amount of potential customers.

If you are planning to advertise in Twitter just join Magpie and start making money.

Adcause.com Make money for charity using Twitter

Another Great site that uses Twitter for advertising is Adcause, this is a great site as you not only can make money with your Twitter profile, but you also can help others.
I just signed up for adCause, a cause based Twitter ad network. I think this is a good system to make some extra cash for you and to help others with charity.

AdCause is a site for Twitter users, where they register on AdCause.com and allow companies to advertise on your Twitter feed and make money from those tweets. Nevertheless, the great thing about adCause is that you can choose a charity to donate part of the money you earn with adCause.

Your AdCause details are completely customizable.

If you want to know about other Twitter based advertising sites here you have some other posts I made:

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