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3 Major Features of Professional Blogging

Author: Site Booster

Everyday tens of thousands of new blogs are born on the web. The absolute majority of them fade out easily after a few weeks or months. To survive and grow into a well-established blog, you have to learn the basics of professional blogging and continue such education until you are entrenched as an expert blogger. Among several features required to be such a specialist, I introduce the two pillars of professional blogging here:

Publish New Posts on a Regular basis

You publish textual content, images, videos, audios, etc and find readership on the web. Some people find you and visit your blog for more from time to time. You should set fixed intervals for such publishing jobs as it is expected of you. Regular blogging means that you publish on a particular frequency. If you create three new blog posts every week on certain days, stick to that schedule and duly reply to your subscribers' expectation. It's not a professional practice to write one post now, one tomorrow, three next week and leave it for a couple of weeks afterward. This introduces you as an amateur blogger.

Publish New Posts on a Consistent Basis

What are you blogging about? What's the main topic of your blog? This determines the type of readers you attract to your site. By writing on those topics, you create expectation in your subscribers. They come back to your blog for similar content. They hope to read something interesting each time they come back to your blog. Is your blog making them satisfied?

Nobody is an expert in all things. Nobody can be interested in everything. Nobody can attract people of all interests. I want to tell you that you need to stay focused and concentrate on particular topics. Even the professional bloggers who are writing about more than one topic, they are closely related. For instance, they write about Internet technology, communications and gadgets. Although I'm not a fan of writing on a big variety of issues, this is what I have observed some do.

Get out of Your Shell and Comment on Other Blogs

Blogs are par of the social world. You cannot build one and wait for the world to come and visit you. Sometimes, you must go out and visit others. Comment marketing is part of the professional blogging. There is a huge number of potential readers of your blogs visiting other blogs. By going to those blogs and commenting on their posts, you attract their attentions and provide a possibility for them to come and visit your blog. Then, they could most probably become your subscribers and fans.

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