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The three things that you have to take care about

There are 3 things that must take care to make your blog a success. These three things are what I will list now:

- Quality Posts

- Attract Traffic

- Monetize your blog

I think the ideal is in that order, first of all decide on what topic you will write on the blog. It can be anything, although the ideal would be to seek a niche, but if you're a fan of something or write something you are passionate about it or you are an expertise, what matters is the quality of post and desire and passion that you put in each post.
Second, attract traffic to your blog, this is more difficult, there are many strategies to generate traffic that I will be describing in future posts, but still attracting traffic is one of the most difficult tasks for a blogger, takes time, work and effort, but it is not an impossible task.
Last but not least you need to monetize your blog, this means, choose carefully which are the systems to make money you're going to use, it can be AdSense ads, affiliate programs or can also be sell e-books for example, the issue is to analyze carefully which will be one or more methods that best suit your blog and allow you to maximize revenue.

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