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It’s quite a short time that I began blogging, I started about a year ago just out of curiosity, and the truth is that it is something that caught me immediately.

I have several blogs to which I dedicate some time every day, I blog especially on topics which I’m passionate about, I'm a fan of cars, trips, I love everything related to technology and I like the movies.

So when I went deeper into a fantastic world that allows me to develop my creativity in the things I like, I look for information about places I would love to visit, I look for the cars I like, the premieres of films, and everything I like and I comment them on my blogs.

I tell you this because it is really important that the topic for which you decide to blog about is something that you are passionate. Some experts believe that bloggers got to find a niche for them to develop and generate large revenues, I believe that while this is true, is not for everyone, I think the important thing is that you can connect with your readers and your relationships on topics you love or topics in which you are an expert so your blog will generate the necessary interest to the readers re-read every post placed.

So remember that the most important thing for being a good blogger is to love what you’re doing and be passionate about your topics.

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