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Have a plan

In my last post I told you that you have to consider what the topic of your blog will be about. Well this can be defined in a Plan; I think one of the most important things you must have to succeed with a blog is to make a plan.

In this plan you'll choose the strategy with which you will handle your blog to make money. As I said choose the topic your blog will be about, choose the platform that you will use, Blogger or Wordpress, inform you with the different monetization system that are available, handle the template you will use, the style that you want to give your blog , etc ...

I think this important because it is always best to be clear what you want to do from the very beginning, a plan allows you to see things more clearly.

To give you an example, I made mistakes when I started with my blogs that made me lose many followers, I started with an issue that I passionate, like cars, but I had no plan nor the name of the blog, not the template to use, or the domain or anything and I was already working with it for a few months and had an interesting traffic that I decided to make changes that made me give several steps back
, I bought a domain (which should have done from the beginning), change design without advice; I lost position in search engines because that data was lost in the other template and wasted time. But not everything was bad, because it allowed me to learn that we must first develop a plan to avoid committing the same errors and also to take things more clear.

So you know first of all make a plan of what you want to do with your blog and then start giving it content.

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