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The power of doing sports

I want to start telling you that today I had a beautiful day of golf; it passed some time since I did not practice golf and decided to go with my father to play the club where we always do.

The fact that we have a spectacular day, it was a little hot but we enjoyed the day.
The point because I wanted to write about this, is that I think this kind of activities is giving me more and more forces to achieve goals I set in life. Being able to do sports and enjoy the beautiful scenery is an activity to which no person would have to refuse.
Today in which all people are talking about problems, the best thing everybody can do is to get distracted by some activity or sport, do not let the bad vibes to harm us. Our positive thinking must continue and we must not fall into despair.
I say all this because bad times always pass, doing sports gives people the ability to not think about problems and to let your mind think about positive things, and the more peaceful, positive mind and with faith I think that good things will happen faster.
What I recommend people is to do some physical activity, you will see that you will feel better and with that, you will think clearer to achieve goals.

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