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Why I started blogging and why you should

I started blogging last year, although it was something I always interested me, I never find the time to do so until one day I decided to start, I entered the page of blogger.com completed the data to open an account and started my first blog.

The truth is that I had no idea of what I wanted to communicate with the blog, but as one of my searches at this stage of my life was the financial independence I began with that topic.

Obviously, having no knowledge of what this amazing world of blogs was about,getting readers to visit my blog was a very difficult thing to do, I had very few hits a day or practically no visits.

That was inspiring to me to start studying about how to grow my blogs, and how to get more readers, I discovered a fascinating world where you could make money through a blog, and little by little I achieved results, discovered that I could use my knowledge of my current work to promote, I am a Marketing and sales proffesional with more than 10 years of experience and that helped me in terms of promotion techniques.

But what I wanted to tell you with this story about me and how I began blogging, is that what is important is to take the initiative to do things, you can go wrong or good from the start, but do not down your arms, in the long run the results come.

With this blog I not only wanted to tell you how to earn money on the web, I also wanted to give examples of people who achieved success on the Internet, but also wanted to tell you that thinking positive can help you to do well in life, I live in a country (Argentina) where we have moved many financial and economic crisis, so I know bad times always pass, so I made up a personality in which I like to put the chest to the crisis without making any major problems, I always beleived that crisis not only bring difficulties but also opportunities.

I hope you understand what I want to tell you with this post, the idea is that you have to attempt to take advantage of every opportunity you can have using a positive thinking.

Enjoy life that you only live it once.

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