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Oscars Ceremony and the love for movies

I love movies, and every year when the Oscars ceremony begins I love to see if the movie I like most wins. This year, three films I liked, were nominated to win the best film in the Oscars. Finally one of the three won, The Hurt Locker, but I also liked Avatar and Inglorius Bastards, two great movies.

Why I am telling you all this, beacause I think, as I reffered to sports too, that things that make you happy are great motivators and can help you reach your goals.

If you are stuck with something try to do what you like best. You will see that it will help you to start again.

Yesterday, when I was watching the Oscars in TV, I realised that the people that were in the red carpet, are doing what they like most. They are good at it becuase they love what they are doing, and that is something you must understand if you want to get success in life.

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