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How do you make money in the web

Surely if you just get started with blogs and how to win money online you have wondered what are the methods available to generate income.

There are many methods or monetization systems on the Internet. To make things more understandable I will mention the two most common methods by which you can make an extra income online.

First there are those who are called Ad Networks, within this segment, we can mention the most known: Google Adsense, this is undoubtedly the best known system for making money on the Internet and that whether you have experience or not you have to use, it is very simple and you do not need to know much about advertising. Ad networks are systems of online advertising in which ads are shown such as either text or image in your blog, and these ads are comonly related to the topic of your blog. Now, to make money with Adsense or other ad system, the reader visiting your blog has to click in the ads so you can get paid for such clicks. The values of how much you get payed depends on many factors, including the number of visitors your site has, the PageRank, content, subject matter among others.

The other system for generating revenue on the Internet are Affiliate programs, affiliate programs are excellent opportunities to make extra money online, certain sites develop programs to reach more and more people, so they offer bloggers to get affiliate to their program, so if you join the program referred to them you can manage to make some money.
It is a very simple system, but obviously requires you to get referrals, something for which you have to work a little.
If you have a blog or a site, you will have to generate lots of traffic for those entering in your blog can be potential referrals.

These are the two most common ways to make money online, there are others, such as selling links, selling domains, systems to make money with Twitter, and also create your own stock of advertising, but those systems I am going to explain more forward.

If you just start blogging, these are the most common ways to make money.

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