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The power of Laugh

When I was a boy I read that a good laugh sound that comes from the soul, mobilizes more body energy than a series of intense sports or aerobic activities, I was struck by the healing power of laugh. Eventually I accessed  to scientific explanations about how the body mobilizes its infinite resources of recovery, when the mood is installed and provocative emotions are stretched to the charity laughter.

Endorphins are the hormones that are deployed in our body when the relaxation and pleasure are connected with humor, with this gateway to freedom of Being, which begins when one instead of judging, laughs.
More even if that laugh is about ourselves, ie if we learn first of all to laugh at ourselves, the effect is explosive, positive polarity.
The one that laughs, puts the bad things more far away.
Man is the only being able to laugh, he has this special mechanism of evolution, that allows him to freeze time at that moment.
So, to laugh a lot, but not of the other, but with the others.

Laughter heals us, and now more than ever we need natural mechanisms to preserve health, to stop all the sadness that some people wants to sell, knowing that if we miss the laughter, literally we lose our lives.

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