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How to create a favicon for your blog

For those who do not know what the favicon is, I start telling you that the favicon is that little image that appears in browsers next to the address bar.

Changing the favicon is gives a special and personal touch to your blog, since by default the entire blogger blog brings the favicon of the B in white on the orange background.
The first thing to do is create an image in a size of 16x16 pixels. The design depends on each particular blog, as well as colors and images that you want to.
Once we have the 16x16 pixel image that we want to use in our blog we save it. Here we must pay attention because we have saved Jpg image and not an ico that is the format that we have to use to upload our favicon. To convert this. Jpg image into an Ico, the best way is to use online services that let you do this in a very simple way, for example I use Dynamic Drive, there you choose the image you have created in .jpg format and create your Icon. When you finished creating your icon you download it to your PC.
Now we have our favicon format. Ico, the next step is to upload that image to any image hosting service that supports. Ico formats.
Once we have done all the previous steps we can insert our favicon into the blog. To do this we open the Desing tab in your Blogger  account, and click the EDIT HTML and look for the following code:

Just before the this code you have to paste this code:

Remember that were it says http://site.com/favicon.ico you have to replace the favicon url where you uploaded the .ico image. The you save the changes and it is ready, you have your own favicon.

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