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Do You Want A lot of Vitality?

Do You Want A lot of Vitality?

By: Santa Monica

Vitality has to try and do with our feeling of energy or aliveness. On a scale from one (low) to 10 (high), what variety would you offer yourself for Vitality? What number would you wish it to be?
It is important to know how to improve our level of vitality for many reasons. In Positive Psychology, it is one amongst the five (out of twenty four) Signature Strengths that correlates strongly with satisfaction with life, happiness, and well-being. Additionally, it tends to be contagious in cluster settings. Folks feel drawn to others that have a way of aliveness.

In general, you're feeling energetic when you have got good physical health and when there are few psychological conflicts and tensions in your life.
It is important to decrease concern and anxiety for vitality to be present. Poor physical health and high levels of stress tend to use your energy supply quickly as a result of they'll cause worry. There are some exceptions to this. For instance, some people who haven't any fear regarding a health drawback could still have a high energy level.
Vitality is personal; folks pursue it differently. When you categorical your true nature genuinely, completely, and in the current, you feel energized.
Vitality indicates optimal human functioning. It is directly influenced by meeting basic psychological wants for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. It is not impulsiveness, anger, or nervous, tense energy from over-arousal or caffeine. Factors that contribute to higher levels of vitality/aliveness are:
o Having a way of non-public mastery and control.
o Being happy.
o Having low depression and anxiety symptoms.
o Having good health practices, i.e. diet, exercise, not smoking, using stress reduction techniques appropriately.
o Getting a smart night's sleep.
o Having a sense of private value; seeing yourself as worthwhile and capable.
o Enjoying supportive relationships and intimacy.
Ways of skyrocketing vitality are to seek out:
o Restorative settings, i.e. contact with nature and the humanities, taking note of music, outside challenges.
o Exercise when it is interesting or fun, particularly in the morning.
o Positive social contacts.
o Sporting events.
o Things you wish to do, not because you've got to try to to them.
o Involvement in an organization that's meaningful to you.
o Your passion - what you like to do.
Having vitality is feeling that spark within of you in the moment. It is choosing to measure life with enthusiasm, savoring and enjoying it. It means that selecting to measure life absolutely and positively.
Whatever strategy you decide on will work, as long as you are expressing your true nature genuinely in the present moment. Create vitality a priority. The health benefits physically and psychologically are an extra plus.

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  1. Excellent Article it reminded me of a anti-aging program that our mentor believed in similar steps as outlined in your article. We would practice being grateful and positive. For our bodies energy we ate well and took an anti-aging energy product called 78 elements, also they would give us Norwegian omega3-6-9 forgot the name but the bottle had a symbol of a fish in the front.
    Excellent and informative article.!

  2. Hi Jorge, thanks for your comments about this article, I appreciate it very much. Hope you continue enjoying my blog!


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