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Does your mind dominate you or you control it?

I think this is a very important question that everybody should make. It happened for a very long time that I felt that my mind dominate everything I did, but it has to be a point in were one has to control its mind and let the soul be the one that control everything.

I am sure everyone of you had a time that your mind is so full of thoughts that you don't even know what you are doing, that is a good example that your mind is dominating you and you can't control your life.
Speaking in scientific terms, the mind is defined as the set of processes performed by the brain cells (neurons), which are manifested in thoughts. However, how it works remains a mystery to most people, like its potential. Our thoughts are the basis of our words, attitudes and actions in life. And like a seed, each producing its own flower and gives its own fruit. Thoughts can be constructive or destructive, positive or negative, loving or hateful. The thoughts generate a range of emotions that physiologically create an experience within you. Therefore, what we think and, above all, how we think determines what we live.
But unfortunately our mindset, our beliefs and system of values ​​in which we live make us think in a negative way. Thinking negative is always easier. It is an act unconscious and effortless. We have created a lifestyle that prioritizes avoidance and material benefit to all. With so much over-exposure to the stimuli that surround us, our minds are saturated and let ourselves be overcome by limiting beliefs. As Gandhi said, "is easier to answer violence with violence, what is truly difficult to respond to violence by staying calm." So increasing the positive thinking, though it may cost more effort, is more beneficial to our emotional health.
To do this and to control your mind you have to watch and work with your inside, with your soul. It is important that we devote some time each day to ourselves. Learn to control your breathing is a good start, as well as deepen the relaxation techniques, visualization, and, above all, meditation.

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