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What makes you happy?

Nowadays we see a lot of people having trouble, with work, family, violence, etc, it is good to stop a minute and think about what makes you happy.
The huge amount of information that we receive every day fills our minds with images and thoughts that don't
leave us space to think about our happiness. I believe that knowing what makes us happy is the first step to be happy.
In the past few months I have been telling my friends to stop watching the news, if you think about it one moment, the only thing that the news shows us are negative informations, so why do people watch the news? I found out that when you stop watching at the news, the world looks better, I don't mean to desappear from the world, but yes to not get involved in the negative things that we can see in the news everyday, and instead of that start looking inside ourselves in what makes us happy and focus in that.
I think it would be very good not only for us, but also for the people that we love that we can find what makes us happy.
So I propose you an excersice, just sit in a quiet and peacefull place of your home, or the place that you like, and star thinking in the things that makes you happy. I am sure that your life will be much better if you do. You will probably find out that there lots of things that you stopped doing and that you don't know why you stopped doing it.

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