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Law of attraction: 17 seconds of pure concentration

I believe that everybody that has heard about the Law of Attraction has wonder how to apply it, most of the people thinks that with by only wanting something to happen the law of attraction will start to work. What this people doesn't count is that our subconscious is what makes the law of attraction work, so what we have to do is to make our subconscious to make the Law of attraction start to work for what we want.

I found something that I think it is a good exercise to start making the law of attraction work, and is the exercise of the 17 seconds of pure concentration.

Abraham Hicks says that a thought reaches enough fuel in a span of 17 seconds in which you focus your attention (17 seconds of pure concentration). Align your energy as often as you can, if at least two or three times a day you stop to think and find 68 seconds of pure thought about anything, then you will have done enough to make your day productive! !

That thought will bring to one that is exponentially more powerful and at the end of another 17 seconds or 34 seconds in total and for purposes of the law of attraction thinking evolves into a more powerful energy level.

Then if you add another 17 seconds, making a total of 51, continue the process and if you can finally continue the process until a total of 68 seconds in any aspect of your life you want, then you have done a great job, and that desire is on its way to completion

The key is to focus positive, pure, pure positive energy and no resistance at all and without allowing for this time of 68 seconds crosses your mind a thought of lack or negativity of any kind.

Abraham says the average person rarely finishes a statement (or making a wish) without giving contradictory energy (thought contrary to what you want or thought of doubt) for example: I want a new car, but are very expensive as well I do not have enough money and so on.

So most of us have never experienced this process of 68 seconds of pure not contradictory energy.

17 +17 +17 +17 = 68 seconds Abraham gives us the following information contact:
17 seconds equals to 2,000 man-hours (almost a year working 40 hours a week)
34 seconds equals to 20,000 man-hours (almost ten years of work)
51 seconds equals to 200,000 man-hours (or 100 years of work!)
68 seconds equals to 2,000,000 two million! man-hours or hours and women (almost 1000 years of work)

If you learn to use this process of pure not contradictory  thought for only 68 seconds, then hours of work or action would become irrelevant.

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