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Does chance exist?

We hear all the time talking about the chance, but ... is there a chance? Not really, nothing happens for no reason ... the truth is that there is no chance. Everything is "causal", nothing is casual. Everything that comes into our lives, every situation that we passed, is for some reason. Sai Baba in India taught the "four spiritual laws" just talking about it.

The first law says "The person who comes is the right person", meaning that nobody comes into our lives by chance, all the people around us, interacting with us, they are there for some reason, to make us learn and advance each situation. The second law says "what happens is the only thing that could have happened". Nothing, but nothing, absolutely nothing that happens to us in our lives might have been otherwise. Even the smallest detail. There is no "if I had done such a thing ... it happened that another ...." No. What happened was all that could have happened, and it must have been like for us to learn that lesson and move on. Each and every one of the situations that happened in our lives are perfect, but our mind and ego will resist and will not want to accept it.  
The third law says: "Any time you start is the right time". It all starts at the right time, neither before nor after. When we are ready to start something new in our lives, is there when you start. And the fourth and final law says: "When something ends, it ends". Just like that. If something ended up in our lives is for our evolution, so it is best to leave it, go ahead and move forward and be enriched by the experience.  
I leave you with these reflections, and of course, I believe that it is no coincidence that you are reading this, if this text cames to your lives today is that you are prepared to understand that no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place ! Thanks for existing!

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