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This person will Motivate you

I am sure that this person will motivate you to change your life. If you think that your life sucks, you just have to hear Nick Vujicic, but more than anything else you have to see him.
Nick is a 25 year old Australian that gives motivational talks to Businessman, common people and people with problems. But the most incredible thing about Nick is that he was born without arms and legs, yes, you hear it, wihtout arms and legs, and he gives motivational talks to people.

So if you think that you have a bad life, and that you don't have anything to thank for, you just have to see Nick, and be grateful about what you have.
The Australian created the foundation Life Without Limbs (life withoutlimbs) some years ago and has since traveled to 19 countries in America, Asia and Europe carrying a religious message and hope, not only for disabled people, but for anyone. Vujicic not use prostheses, only has a small foot with which he writes, also plays soccer andswimming, and expresses gratitude to God for the opportunity it has given to live andmotivate others by example.
For this young, one of the best teachings handed down by his parents was that "I would not know what he was capable of until you try", so said "fear is the greatest disability of all."

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