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Few comments on your blog, Failure indicative?

One thing that can show us that the readers of our blogs have changed their way to express themselves is the comments on our blogs. Some time ago, a lot of readers used to leave a comment on the blog about the article they were reading, nowadays this way of expression is in decline, but I think it will
never disappear, as the usual reader express themselves through other ways, like the social networks. Not having comments in your blog is not an indicative that you have failed, indeed your article or blog can be shared in Facebook and the result of that is much more important for traffic than a comment in your blog. I like comments in my blogs, most of the comments in my blog help me to improve it, and motivates me to continue sharing things and thoughts.
So if you have few comments in your blog, don't worry, it is not an indicative that people don't care about what you are writing, what you have to care about is to get your article read and shared.
But if you really like people commenting on your blog, I can give you some tips to get people to comment your articles, for example, you can offer a free backlink to your readers using the URL/Name feature in the comments, or another idea is to add the Facebook comments in your blog. There are many ways to promote comments in your blog, you just have to be creative.
Just remember that comments in your blog can be positive or negative comments, the important thing is that you can use those comments to improve and be better.

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HINT: use the "Name/URL" function to get a free backlink straight to your blog!