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The best way to Make Money Online

I really like to read blogs from people that are recognized in the Blogging Industry. And there is one common factor in all of them that I think it is what makes them earn good money, making their own products.

That is something that most of the people that are trying to make good money from blogging don't do, most of us make money through advertising and re selling others products. But according to a great blogger like John Chow, the best way to make huge amounts of money is making your own product and sell it in the Internet.
According to him there are several advantages you have when you make your own product and sell it in the web: You have Total Control, It's easier to sell, (as you can use others to sell your product), and It increases your brand name.
So what is the best product to make and sell in the Internet, also according to John Chow, the best products to sell in the Internet are the ones that are delivered electronically, like e-books, downloadable software and membership sites, just to mention a few.
In my opinion, if you are going to make money by selling your own product, it is better to do something you are an expert in, for example, if you are an expert in Gardening, you can write an e-book about gardening and sell it through Clickbank. Also if you are a software programmer, you can make a downloadable software and sell it, or you can make an app for Facebook, etc...
I agree with John Chow and many others that making your product is the best way to make really good money, but in my opinion you need to have a good product if you want that people buy your product, so it is something that you have to take it seriously and make an effort to do a good product.
The good thing is that making your own product only costs your time, if you have the knowledge, it is something
that when you finish your product, thanks to many softwares, the selling of your product can be automated, generating a passive income and this is were the money starts to fill your pocket, because when you start making passive income not only from one source, but of many sources, the amount of money you can earn is huge.

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