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Are you Optimistic?

Optimism is the tendency to expect the future will bring favorable results. It is the value that helps us face the difficulties in good spirits and perseverance, discovering the positive things that people and circumstances have, trusting in our abilities and possibilities along with the help we can get.

But not everybody is optimistic, some people have the special gift of being positive and optimistic no matter the kind of challenge or problem they are facing, and others have to learn how to be optimistic and positive.
If you are not optimistic, or you don't know how optimistic you are, but you would like to be more positive and optimistic about things you have to learn how to be more positive and have positive thinking.
But do you really know how optimistic you are?
While I was reading an article I saw this Quiz on Optimism and Helplessness that was taken from the book Learned Optimism and was written by Martin Seligman. I encourage you to take the quiz and know if you are optimistic, it will take you about fifteen minutes and it will help you to know more about yourself. I think that this is the first step to start changing.

Here is the Quiz:   http://www.discord.org/~lippard/optimism.html

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