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How To Find Your Affiliate Niche Market

Guest Post by: Avnery

Profiting from your affiliate niches is very possible if you truly understand the enormous potential that exists with knowing the correct niches to get into. Finding your own profitable niche online is where most aspiring affiliates get stuck it can often take months on end to find a niche that will give you a favorable return on investment. Finding your own niche though is not entirely impossible there are guidelines for finding niches and if followed correctly will get you results.

1. Pick on a broad category of ideas this could be green energy, affiliate marketing,relationships,general shopping, or sports,etc.Skin this broad category till you get to a segment of what you started with
2. Think about the subsets that lie within the broad category you picked on above for example if you chose the relationship market think about people who are just starting to date, those who are breaking up, those who are not comfortable with the other partner or those that want to make the relationship better.
3. Pick on an item to sell that belongs to one of the subsets you just identified above.
4. Continue brainstorming and finding out specific details about the people that might belong to any of the subsets you picked on above for example people who have just broken up in reality still want their partner back or would be more than willing to make up or buy products that help them understand why their partner broke up in the first place. If you understand this then you are moments away from your ideal customers
5. Next step is to determine the profit potential of the keywords you think these people will be using when looking for solutions online. The easy way to do this is using quotes when entering the keyword into Google. The results that are returned will show you exactly how many websites are competing for that keyword, the lower the figure the better, also pay attention to the advertisements being run at the top and left hand sides the fewer the better for you.
In summary that is how you find your affiliate niche market online those are the basic rules finding lucrative niches however, requires more strategies and techniques that you can find by visiting the number one place to learn about affiliate Niche marketing.

Article Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/online-promotion-articles/how-to-find-your-affiliate-niche-market-1928404.html 

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