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Follow your passions

How important is the passion for all the projects you start. In the case of blogs it is the same, I think that a blog to be interesting, putting passion to what you write is important, but not only this, if you got a subject that you love that is the ideal kick to start a blog.

Passion makes that what we write has a special bonus to those who read it, you probably do read articles that called attention precisely because they were writen with passion.
A year ago when I started with my blogs, I started with topics such as travel, cars and things that I love to do, and that made these blogs to success. Today in this blog I have a passion for teaching what I learned from my experience, and the first thing I learned is just that, passionately transmit what I like.
This is just a tip, many can not pay attention to it, simply copy content and ready, but those who will succeed will be those who write their own content with passion.
Writing is to encourage to feel, is an invitation to think, is to open up infinite possibilities for expressing emotions.
Is to achieve the wonderful act of contact and communication through what one writes

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