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The hard work to get traffic to your blog

One thing that is not difficult but demands lots of time and effort is to get traffic to your blog.
I´ve been writing in my blogs for at least one year now and I have learned that you have to take your time to start building traffic to succeed in the web.
To start earning money in the web you need traffic, and to get traffic to your site you need time to build links, the way to do this is by having a strategy on how you would get those links to your blog.
Google gives a considerable importance to the incoming links to your blog, so the more incoming links you have the better position in google you´ll get.
My strategy to getting links to my blog statrted by adding my blog to directories. There are thouthands of directories in the web, many are free, some of them require a backlink and in others you have to pay. The important thing is to add your blog to the most directories you can.
Other important way to get backlinks is to leave comments in Forums related to your blog´s theme.
You can also get backlinks by asking other bloggers with the same theme that yours to put a backlink to your blog.
But the most valuable links your blog can get are the ones that came from the articles you write and other blogs talk about, to get this you have to write some good quality articles, so other people would be interested to comment about it.
So remmember that to get visitors to your site first make a plan and a startegy about how you can get those visitors.

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